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Yeay, another Liebster Award with quite different rules. And the person who nominated me was Listra @ Half-filled Attic.

Thanks for nominating me, Listra. I’m sorry I didn’t write mine soon. It is because I haven’t practiced my English for quite some time. But, yeah, I still try. And please feel free to tell me if you find any incorrect grammar on my post 😀

And here we go, here are 11 Facts about Me:

  1. I love books very much.
  2. I love school and I always want to be a student.
  3. I love read but my writing skill is never good enough.
  4. Actually, I am shy kind of person, but people often get me wrong. They think I am cocky 😦
  5. I often speak too fast and hyperbola.
  6. I often feel like a clumsy person if I am in public places.
  7. Psstt…I am almost 25 years old now but I still read Majalah Bobo ^.^
  8. I am always be treated as the youngest person among people of my hometown but I am always be treated as the oldest person outside it.
  9. I love fantasy but my most read authors are Jacqueline Wilson and Jostein Gaarder.
  10. One of my wish if I meet genie is I wish I have at least one of art skills.

And here are Listra’s questions:

  1. What is your favourite quote from your favourite author?
    “You are protected, in short, by your ability to love!” 
    ― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  2. What genre do you mostly read?
  3. What is the best book ever written in mankind’s history?
    Every book that have been written 🙂
  4. What is the oldest book that you’ve read?
    Hmmm…as far as I can remember…maybe The Prince and The Pauper by Mark Twain
  5. What turns you on, or off, when reading?
    The book itself.
  6. Have you challenged yourself to read something really hard and completed the challenge?
    Yes, I have challenged myself to read at least 30 books for Indonesian romance genre but it still in progress.
  7. People can read and read for themselves. Why do you blog about it?
    I am just wanna improve my writing skill and I start it with blog about something that I love most.
  8. What kind of author do you hate the most?
    Nothing. I appreciate someone named authors. It’s because of them I have something to read. Even if their works didn’t good enough.
  9. What kind of reader do you hate the most?
    Errrr…maybe the reader who judge another readers are bad only because they do not have the same ways about what a good readers have to do. 
  10. What is the literary dream of your life?
    Have a book cafe/book store/ library which can invite at least one author every month.
  11. When you read something, do you research about the particulars? For example when you read Historical Fiction, do you check history, or when you read science-fiction do you check the science stuff?
    Yes, I do it, sometimes ^.^

That’s it. And just like my another Liebster Award post, I do not nominate anyone. Hey, I am shy kind of person, right?  😀



Love book and wanna study abroad to Holland


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