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…At first his legs bent like bad pipe-stems, and the flood and rush of the sunlit air dazzled him…

…The breezes fanned over him, the parrots shrieked at him, the noises of the populated house behind – squabbles, orders, and reproofs – hit on dead ears…

…There stood an empty bullock-cart on a little knoll half a mile away, with a young banyan tree behind – a look-out, as it were, above some new-ploughed levels; and his eyelids, bathed in soft air, grew heavy as he neared it. The ground was good clean dust – no new herbage that, living, is half-way to death already, but the hopeful dust that holds the seeds of all life. He felt it between his toes, patted it with his palms, and joint by joint, sighing luxuriously, laid him down full length along in the shadow of the wooden-pinned cart. And Mother Earth was as faithful as the Sahiba. She breathed through him to restore the poise he had lost lying so long on a cot cut off from her good currents. His head lay powerless upon her breast, and his opened hands surrendered to her strength. The many- rooted tree above him, and even the dead manhandled wood beside, knew what he sought, as he himself did not know. Hour upon hour he lay deeper than sleep…

Taken from a classic novel, Kim by Rudyard Kipling, written in 1901.

Maybe this qoute is long enough. But, this is one thing that I love from classic novel. Qoute about the Mother Earth. I love novel if it contain story about how beautiful or how amazing the nature can be. It make me feel good instantly.

Because I spent my first week in this new year in the hospital as a patient with her broken leg, I really need something to make me feel better. Thank goodness I found this qoute from the book that I have read along my convalescence.

weekend qoute

Ok, this is my qoute for this weekend. Let’s share our favourite qoute for this week. See more informations here.

See yaa 🙂



Love book and wanna study abroad to Holland


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