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The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus, #2)Title: The Son of Neptune

Author: Rick Riordan

Edition language: Indonesian

Publisher: Mizan Fantasi (August 2012)

Price: IDR 67,150

Purchase location: Mizan Online

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Publisher’s Synopsis (Hyperion Books)

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
To storm or fire the world must fall.
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.

Percy is confused. When he awoke from his long sleep, he didn’t know much more than his name. His brain fuzz is lingering, even after the wolf Lupa told him he is a demigod and trained him to fight with the pen/sword in his pocket. Somehow Percy manages to make it to a camp for half-bloods, despite the fact that he has to keep killing monsters along the way. But the camp doesn’t ring any bells with him. The only thing he can recall from his past is another name: Annabeth

Hazel is supposed to be dead. When she lived before, she didn’t do a very good job of it. Sure, she was an obedient daughter, even when her mother was possessed by greed. But that was the problem — when the Voice took over her mother and commanded Hazel to use her “gift” for an evil purpose, Hazel couldn’t say no. Now because of her mistake, the future of the world is at risk. Hazel wished she could ride away from it all on the stallion that appears in her dreams.

Frank is a klutz. His grandmother says he is descended from heroes and can be anything he wants to be, but he doesn’t see it. He doesn’t even know who his father is. He keeps hoping Apollo will claim him, because the only thing he is good at is archery — although not good enough to win camp war games. His bulky physique makes him feel like an ox, especially infront of Hazel, his closest friend at camp. He trusts her completely — enough to share the secret he holds close to his heart.

Beginning at the “other” camp for half-bloods and extending as far as the land beyond the gods, this breathtaking second installment of the Heroes of Olympus series introduces new demigods, revives fearsome monsters, and features other remarkable creatures, all destined to play a part in the Prophesy of Seven.


Publisher’s Synopsis (Mizan Fantasi)

“Di selatan, di Negeri Nirdewa, mahkota legiun bersemayam. 

Terjatuh dari es, putra Neptunus akan tenggelam…“


Saat terbangun dari tidur panjang, selain namanya sendiri, Percy hanya bisa mengingat sebuah nama—Annabeth. Dia bahkan tidak bisa mengingat siapa dia ataupun alasan kenapa banyak monster mengejar dan ingin membunuhnya. Tubuh Percy secara reflex berusaha melawan mereka dan bertahan hidup selama mungkin.

Dalam pelariannya dari para monster, dia menemukan sebuah perkemahan khas Roma. Perkemahan yang ternyata berisi anak-anak blasteran. Namun, Percy merasa itu bukan tempatnya walaupun dia tidak tahu apa alasannya. Dan, di sana dia menemukan sebuah ramalan yang harus dijalaninya. Bersama dua rekan barunya—Hazel dan Frank, Percy pun menjalani sebuah misi berbahaya untuk mencegah sebuah perang besar.


My Review

The Son of Neptune? Itu artinya ada Percy…………

Dan woooow…Percy nya makin lucu dan keren aj *duh…kena timpuk Annabeth lagi.

Sayangnya petualangan Percy kali ini tidak di perkemahan Blasteran.

Tapi tidak apa-apa, betul-betul tidak apa-apa…soalnya perkemahan Jupiter juga kereeeeeeeen.

Apalagi ada teman baru Percy yang bernama Frank putra Mars dan Hazel putri Pluto. Si Frank ini kocak abis lagi. Dia dan Hazel sama-sama saling naksir.

Sayangnya ada Octavian, peramal perkemahan Jupiter yang super duper menyebalkan. Mengingatkan pada orang-orang yang pandai omong tapi yang diomongkannya salah *please, tutup aj mulut kamu

Misi Percy kali ini adalah membebaskan Thanatos – Dewa Kematian yang ditawan oleh raksasa putra Dewi Bumi. Penahanan Thanatos mengakibatkan para monster dan orang-orang jahat kembali dari kematian. Misi ini dipimpin oleh Frank.

Bersama Frank dan Hazel, Percy kembali berpetualang. Seperti biasanya, petualangannya menegangkan sekali, sampai bekali-kali menahan napas.

Belum lagi banyak adegan kocak yang bikin senyum-senyum sendiri. Well, It was amazing, really realy amazing 😀

The Heroes of Olympus Series (so far)

  1. The Lost Hero
  2. The Son of Neptune
  3. The Mark of Athena
  4. The House of Hades




Love book and wanna study abroad to Holland

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